Meet Brenda and Steve

Brenda's equestrian journey began at the tender age of 7, perched in the front of her mother's saddle during all-day trail rides. This early introduction sparked a profound love for horses. The adventures continued with Ginger, an ex-carnival pony, and were further fueled by a Disney movie, "The Calypso Kid," and a chance encounter with a cross-country wagon train. These experiences planted the seed of adoration for Paso Fino Horses and the dream of a coast-to-coast horseback journey.

Turning Passion into Profession

In 1997, Brenda transformed her equine passion into a full-fledged business, founding Feather Hill Stables as a breeding farm. The focus was on producing athletic Paso Fino Horses capable of carrying larger riders over long distances. Brenda delved into researching pedigrees and immersed herself in Competitive Trail and Endurance disciplines, satisfying her childhood dream of coast-to-coast riding through sanctioned events.

Paso Fino Excellence

Despite being in an area unfamiliar with the Paso Fino breed, Brenda tirelessly promoted these horses. By 2003 and 2004, Feather Hill Stables-owned Paso Finos earned the PFHA High Point Competitive Trail Horse of the Year awards. Nearly two decades later, "de Pluma" Paso Finos continue to excel in Competitive Trail and Endurance, with over 100 foals born, and countless horses trained and sold. Brenda cherishes staying connected with clients and hearing their success stories.

Entrepreneurial Spirit

Brenda, an active small business owner for 30 years with a background in business management and accounting, found her true passion in horses. Riding the trails with her beloved Paso Finos is her ideal day. The dream of a cross-country ride endures, shaping Brenda's ongoing dedication to the equine world.

A New Chapter

In 2013, Brenda welcomed Steve into her life, bringing a remarkable level of energy and enthusiasm to the Feather Hill Stables team. A Navy veteran with 32 years at PPL, retiring as an Electrical Foreman, Steve contributes his extensive maintenance background to various farm projects. Enchanted by the smooth gait of Paso Fino Horses, he solidifies their place as the only choice for a trail horse in his eyes. Brenda and Steve collectively bring more than 80 years of expertise to cater to all your equine needs.

Your Riding Guide

Brenda specializes in horsemanship instruction with a focus on refining rider position. Whether you need assistance in setting achievable goals for yourself and your horse or require a motivational plan for success, Brenda is here to help. She can assist in crafting a personalized plan, refining your riding skills, and enhancing your horse's training and conditioning.

Long Distance Riding Expertise

For enthusiasts interested in long-distance riding, Brenda provides coaching to introduce you to the exciting sports of Competitive Trail Riding and Endurance. Explore new horizons with Brenda as your guide. Brenda is your go-to expert for developing a plan tailored to your needs. She can help you set realistic goals, keep you motivated, and guide you on the path to success in your riding journey.

A Trusted Trainer

Mike, Feather Hill Stable's resident trainer, brings a wealth of experience to the team. His calm demeanor, profound horse sense, and versatile handyman skills make him an invaluable member of the Feather Hill Stables’ team. Explore Mike's expertise at his training website. His adept skills and understanding of horses, coupled with a relaxed approach, make him a reliable asset within the Feather Hill Stables team. Learn more about Mike.