Experience the Freedom of RV Camping

Feather Hill Stables invites you to experience our RV sites, catering to a variety of needs:

  • Overnight Layover

    Perfect for travelers passing through.

  • Weekend Camping

    Enjoy a weekend getaway.

  • RV Living

    Options for month-to-month or year-round stays.

(All Rates include Water, Electric, Sewer, and Household Trash. Please note that trash service excludes large items such as tires, appliances, or furniture. Make alternative arrangements for these items.)

Short-Term Rates: Enjoy a Quick Escape

  • 30AMP E/W/S: $35.00 per night

  • 50AMP E/W/S: $50.00 per night

  • Weekly RV Rate: $250 per week

  • Month to Month: $800 per month

  • Short-Term Tent Camping: Available for $25 per night (2 people, no hookups)


Long-Term Rates

(Minimum 6-month commitment)

  • 30 Amp Service: $600 per month (lots with decks may have additional charges)

  • 50 Amp Service: $700 per month

(Laundry facilities are available for self-serve at $5 per load.)

Paso Fino Excellence

  • Horse Stalls

    $35.00/night or $550 per month

Important Information Regarding Rates and Departures

  • No Prorating of Rates

    Plan your departure accordingly. If you choose to leave mid-week or mid-month, you may opt to pay according to the rate that is most cost-effective for you.

  • Payment Terms

    All fees are due at check-in or at the beginning of the week or month.

  • Rate Changes

    Rates are subject to change without notice. Please verify current rates with Brenda to ensure accuracy.